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So many projects over the years, but some of these recent publishing journeys are particularly close to my heart.


A little about what we do.

Training Training

I don’t teach authors how to write. Or photographers how to take pics. But I am passionate about helping them learn how the various media industries do and don’t function. From training courses on publishing for wannabe authors, to entrepreneurship courses for photographers, to media management training for organizations, I’ve worked with literally hundreds of creatives to help them tell […]

Media Management Media Management

So you’re going indie? You’ve decided to publish independently? Congratulations! Whether you just need an editor or a designer, or the entire production crew, I can help you source the experts you need, and manage this team as they work to help you originate, refine, publish and market your book, magazine or website.

Publishing Advice Publishing Advice

‘Help! I’ve got a book in me.’ Who hasn’t heard that line a bunch of times? I can talk you through your options, from self-publishing (ugh!) to seeking a traditional publisher (which does still have its merits from time to time), to publishing independently (tailor-made options, but they don’t come cheap). From there, you’re free to head off […]

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Dominique doesn't blog all the time. Sometimes she tweets. Often she just muses or mutters. But every now and then, she puts it out there.

Forests for the Publishing. Dreams for the Making.

Forests for the Publishing. Dreams for the Making.

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They’re not seeing the forest for all of the trees. That Amazon focus: they see the books but not the creation. The products rather than the process… “Eco-system”, says Irish Chick, interrupting my musing. “It pisses me off that everyone uses that word. It’s not a god-dammed eco-system if it’s not about the environment.” Irish Chick is the female […]

Lessons in Creativity & Success from the Majority World

Lessons in Creativity & Success from the Majority World

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In response to all the queries I’ve had for a version of the presentation I did at SXSW last month, here’s a transcript of my talk, and copies of my slides. I’d really value any feedback you have for me as I refine this for a broader audience. My aim is to arm creative professionals with the knowledge and inspiration that will […]

What’s in a name?

What’s in a name?

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First, a publisher and editor have a a huge impact on the creative process. Some would argue that editors have as much creative impact as a movie director has on a film. Manuscripts are not the same things as books. Authors create manuscripts, publishers and editors create books. So says Peter Hudson of BitLit. I’m a fan, albeit a […]

Publishing is War: the Art of Wrestling at Chess

Publishing is War: the Art of Wrestling at Chess

Posted by on Nov 14, 2014 in Books, Commentary | 2 Comments

In a weeks old (print) copy of The Week, an article on ‘Russia’s secret game plan’ strikes me as an apt lesson in publishing. “Russia’s campaign to destabilize Ukraine, and the rest of Eastern Europe, is turning conventional military thinking on its head,” the summary states, going on to explain that, though war has not […]

On Paper. Ritual, tradition and a new old way

On Paper. Ritual, tradition and a new old way

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Out on a wide river tonight, candles float. Little floral platforms of light and hope. And, as they cruise by at surprising speed, they carry worlds and dreams of calm. These fresh carnations of an ancient ritual delight me. Especially since in the foreground it is white light and cars and noise and fireworks and […]

The Burden of Genius

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Extremely moved by the death of Malik Bendjelloul – he of Searching for Sugarman fame and Oscar. Let’s discuss this elephant in the room: we are losing some of our brightest and best storytellers – film makers, writers, photographers, musicians – to suicide. Mental illness is killing our artists. And here is the crux: failure could have kept […]