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The Hunt

[First published in Divestyle magazine] From the air, a baitball is a patch of bloody water. At its centre is a frenzy of sharks tearing into the sardines rounded up by dolphins. Welcome to the world of those fixated on dropping into the midst of that feast. Welcome to the greatest migration of them all: the KwaZulu-Natal […]

Blueprint for Transition

Blueprint for Transition

Can we quit our crowing and our bleating now? And can we plug our ears with beeswax to avoid the sirensong still luring the simpleton to islands of Old or New media? As if the waters were treacherous and we had to pick one safe shore. Enough of the cocksure arrogance of those who’ve crossed […]

Will video games give documentary photography a shot in the arm?

Very interesting to read about some new video games being developed (and there’s the thing: this is still at development stage and we have not seen the market response) that tell important stories using real documentary footage. In ‘Are Video Games the Future of Storytelling’, Meghan Ahearn references Marcus Bleasdale and his work to create a […]

Jean Tresfon makes me want to grab my scuba gear after all these years.

His pics of this year’s Sardine Run not only show his photographic talents and passion for the ocean, but they re-ignite the latter in me.

Simple imagery says it all

What a great image used on the cover of the latest issue of World Press Photo’s ENTER online mag! Laura Boushnak respected her subject, who did not want to be photographed, and captured this image of his prosthetic limbs left behind on the sofa in a Palestinian refugee camp when he went to bed. This […]

Moonshine Media’s latest book reconnects children with nature

via This is a shameless plug for a book I am publishing. My friends and family will immediately ask what on earth I know about kids. Well, truth is, I really only know what Daniela and Matthias, my sister’s children, have taught me. Petra Vandecasteele, on the other hand, knows a whole lot more. […]

Journalism now

See the post below, where I’ve just been introduced to a great blog (thanks, Lizane Louw!) at, where Nicholas Calcott summarises the predicament and our frustrations most articulately. He references Colin Pantell’s blog (which in turn references Paul Lowe), but all base their discussion on a provocative speech by Stephen Mayes, who recently retired […]