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A is for ?

The Naming of Parts. It could have been the Slate. The Tablet. Even iTablet, although I do think the ‘i’ is getting a tad old. But, hey, it’s iconic. We can live with it. But iPad? Is it only me or are there other women out there who associate that three-letter word with an extremely dated product that’s barely able to mop up life – and that at only short durations, after which things become unsociably messy?
Naming aside, I want one!
No surprises today except the price point: not quite as out-of-reach as I had imagined.
This is the product that is going to revitalise magazines. I’m already itching to read my favourite media on it. And, of course, to CREATE for it!

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  1. Misozi
    February 4, 2010

    I found the ipad comparison hillarious and very honest! And yes, I am itching for one too!


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