Moonshine Media consults on communications and knowledge-sharing strategy and implementation. Our media production services encompass the full gamut from conceptualization to publication and distribution — from origination of words and images to commissioning and mentoring of service providers to delivery of the finished product to a waiting audience.

We’ll help you tell your story. You are the star. We want you to shine. 

Director Dominique le Roux has nearly 20  years of media experience – as a writer, magazine editor, book publisher, web content manager, television presenter and photographic agent. While her forte is still in creating and managing project-specific teams, Dominique has always been drawn to the small untold stories that she can relay herself, as writer, photographer, videographer and distributor. With a history in Africa, she is now based in Asia.

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Janine Wencke is a web designer as well as an instructional designer and educator, specialising in adult education delivered to digital audiences. Her experience includes internet service provider knowledge base management and content production in South Africa, online technical and vocational training (TVET) in Sri Lanka, national tourism website development in SE Asia and e-learning platform and course development in various countries.

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  1. Sarah
    September 9, 2014

    kindly send your reply to this email add.

    thank you

  2. Sarah
    September 9, 2014

    We a bookshop in Durban would like to know if the following books is published by you.
    1. SQUASH WITH THE PROS 9780987003416
    2. SURFSKI WITH THE PROS 9780620496490

    I need prices/availabality .
    Thank you


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