The Hunt

[First published in Divestyle magazine] From the air, a baitball is a patch of bloody water. At its centre is a frenzy of sharks tearing into the sardines rounded up by dolphins. Welcome to the world of those fixated on dropping into the midst of that feast. Welcome to the greatest migration of them all: the KwaZulu-Natal […]

The Facts about Fat

[Previously published in Longevity magazine print edition.] Prepare to turn Conventional Wisdom on its head. What you thought you knew about fat, cholesterol and healthy eating might not be quite so accurate after all. We all know that to lose weight and increase health, the average person should eat less and exercise more, right? In the […]

Run Like a Kid Again

[First published in Women’s Health magazine.] Remember when life seemed carefree and running easy? As a child, you’d run around when happy, you’d run away when scared. Recent scientific findings are now endorsing a school of thought that says we should all learn to run in the style we did when we were kids: barefoot. […]