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Blueprint for Transition

Blueprint for Transition

Can we quit our crowing and our bleating now? And can we plug our ears with beeswax to avoid the sirensong still luring the simpleton to islands of Old or New media? As if the waters were treacherous and we had to pick one safe shore. Enough of the cocksure arrogance of those who’ve crossed […]

Forests for the Publishing. Dreams for the Making.

Forests for the Publishing. Dreams for the Making.

They’re not seeing the forest for all of the trees. That Amazon focus: they see the books but not the creation. The products rather than the process… “Eco-system”, says Irish Chick, interrupting my musing. “It pisses me off that everyone uses that word. It’s not a god-dammed eco-system if it’s not about the environment.” Irish Chick is the female […]

What’s in a name?

What’s in a name?

First, a publisher and editor have a a huge impact on the creative process. Some would argue that editors have as much creative impact as a movie director has on a film. Manuscripts are not the same things as books. Authors create manuscripts, publishers and editors create books. So says Peter Hudson of BitLit. I’m a fan, albeit a […]

The Reporting Crisis: Validation

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“As language barriers break down and cell towers rise, there will be no end to the number of new voices, potential sources, citizen journalists and amateur photographers looking to contribute. This is good… The effect of having so many new actors involved, connected through a range of online platforms into the great, diffuse media system, […]

Will video games give documentary photography a shot in the arm?

Very interesting to read about some new video games being developed (and there’s the thing: this is still at development stage and we have not seen the market response) that tell important stories using real documentary footage. In ‘Are Video Games the Future of Storytelling’, Meghan Ahearn references Marcus Bleasdale and his work to create a […]

Crabby. Snarky. Hero-less.

I feel winded by the force of the venom (see below for links) directed at a 28-year-old Brooklyn-living Bulgarian who could or should be held up as a role model and pioneer. A woman leading a simple life, working damned hard at something she dearly loves. A woman who gives away the refreshingly-positive and deeply-detailed […]

On Stoicism and Journalism

Stoicism. Journalists need more of it. That was my Pop Idols epiphany last week. (Thanks to Derek Sivers and his great reading list that catalyzed my further exploration of this subject.) Let me backtrack and explain. The Pop Idols:  On Saturday I was part of a four-person jury evaluating the final project submissions of 11 […]

Multimedia: The State of the Industry

The short answer: all change. The short term: no money. Key insight: Good journalism has always been subsidized. That’s my quick-and-dirty summary of a report into the state of the multimedia and visual storytelling industry recently released. But don’t let that put you off. What’s also clear is that there is some hope for the visual […]

Love. And letting it be known. And finding the gold.

There’s something brewing in my head. A triumvirate of ideas that speak into passion, people and the power of media. It starts with this image, now embossed on my heart. Two people embracing. Two factory workers. Bangladesh. In a far-off shopping mall, destruction is lighter: my trousers are torn from use and my shirt has […]

The Automaton has no emotion, thus no responsibility?

I was sickened this morning, while reading an NBC story via Pulse about the “traumatic amputations” and legs being blown off at the Boston Marathon, to see an awful ad placement that illustrates both the pros and cons of content-specific advertising. Set right into those paragraphs describing the extent of the horrific lower leg injuries, […]

Tall Poppy Syndrome: Kony2012

(“Emotions recollected in tranquillity.” That was Wordsworth’s famous definition of poetry. Well, last night was a “spontaneous overflow of emotion”. Tonight is tranquillity. Cutting and pasting last night’s lines here does not make them poetry, that’s for sure. It just makes them unedited.) Kony2012: Thoughts on Like Form follows function. Facebook gives us the option […]

‘Creative Combustion’

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Take a look:  The handmade issue of Wallpaper* mag. Collaboration, artistry, passion, perfectionism, ingenuity, humour…


Mixing Fonts | Hoefler & Frere-Jones. Oh, to live in a world where one is surrounded by beautiful things! South Africa has such scenic beauty, but I feel I am surrounded by such a dull aesthetic so much of the time. This is an environment wallpapered in dullness. In faux Tuscan houses. Comic Sans, Arial […]

Beautiful handscripted book cover

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See some of the inside spreads here. Will you forgive me for stating the obvious, as it does need to be said: you probably would not have known about this beautiful celebration of paper and ink and craftmanship if you weren’t reading this e-ink. I came across it via Twitter which lead me to a […]

How the iPad fits in a Photography Workflow

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How the iPad fits in a Photography Workflow. A simply FABULOUS overview of apps and functionality of the iPad for photographers. From being a remote for your camera, to a provider of model releases and obviously an awesome portfolio tool.

How The Attack On Osama Bin Laden Was Live-Tweeted

How The Attack On Osama Bin Laden Was Live-Tweeted | Fast Company. Just in case you were in any doubt about the power of social media and the way it’s replacing many aspects of the role of traditional news agencies. The problem of course, still remains: how do you and I know that some random […]

Think Quarterly: a beautiful book for slow intake by kings-of-speed Google.

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See the whole mag here. Wow. Such lightness of touch and depth of thought. It makes me go “aaaaaaaaaaaaaah……” Much respect

Free African Media: A dream to fulfil

Bravo Branko! The guys at The Daily Maverick have launched a 30-day test on an initiative that I believe is really important: Free African Media. (Why is it, once again, somebody whose heritage is outside of our continent, that shows us how we can truly advance the African cause?) This is how Daily Maverick editor […]

Form celebrates function in great infographics

I am so impressed by the storytelling that designer Nicholas Felton has facilitated. His design serves up the facts clearly, simply and in a way that makes us want to dig deeper and to meet the man in question: his dad, Gunter, who passed away last September. Cliff Kuang, who profiled this ‘annual report’ for […]

Sales of ebooks vs printed books: have we been a bit mislead?

Just came across a most revealing blog post, titled Is Amazon lying about eBooks Outselling Printed Books?, which seems to indicate that we all may have been just a teensy weensy bit mislead about Amazon’s ebook-to-print sales ratios. The numbers, it seems, are all based around hardcover sales, which are a small portion of the […]

Seth Godin ditches mainstream publishing. Why you might also want to.

“The business race is on to have the relationship with the reader,” says Seth Godin, explaining why he’s ditching his traditional publisher and moving to print-on-demand (POD). Also quoted by Jeffrey A. Trachtenberg in the article in the Wall Street Journal was Mark Coker, chief executive of Smashwords Inc., an e-book publishing and distribution platform […]

Latest SA print circ results: double the no. of new publications than closures. Wow!

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ABC Q2 highlights Author: The MediaShop Publish: 31 August 2010 Who’s up, who’s down and what’s happening to newspapers and magazines Key insights over this period: • The number of new publications is almost double than those of closures and almost 80% of the new titles are magazine titles. • There is a total of […]

Jean Tresfon makes me want to grab my scuba gear after all these years.

His pics of this year’s Sardine Run not only show his photographic talents and passion for the ocean, but they re-ignite the latter in me.

Interesting vs Important

Journalists and editors should opt for the former rather than the latter, suggests Reg Rumney. In his column for The Media Online, Rumney recounts his days at the Weekly Mail in the 1990s and tells of the big question they grappled with then. I think it’s one that is not being grappled with sufficiently these days […]

The Mongoliad App: Is Neal Stephenson’s novel the future of fiction?

From Fast Company, an interesting piece by Kit Eaton: This may, possibly, be one future of the novel: as an app. And who better to push the limits of writing than Neal Stephenson, an author whose novels have already explored weird and unusual corners of sci-fi, including intelligent books. Late yesterday in San Francisco, at […]