What price quality?

The Washington Post, one of the most influential publications in the world with a track record of quality journalism and 47 Pulitzer Prizes, is worth $250 million. Tumblr, the microblogging site on which users republish other people’s mildly amusing pictures and vast amounts of pornography, went for $1.1 billion. Price is not the same as […]

Indie publishing secrets of success

I’ve not read any of Barbara Freethy’s fiction. Before today, I had no idea who she was – this despite her being a no 1. New York Times best selling author with more than 30 novels (where’ve I been?) to her name. But I like her already – a judgement based simply on some recent […]

the moonshinemedia weekly

Read this week’s round-up of what’s happening in the publishing world.

The Nonviolent Method For Teaching English (via Avy Around the World)

Great blog! Is this travel writing or social commentary or a letter home? It is literature, I think. It is everything I love about The (New) New(est) Journalism. It is a simple story, told with flair, that transcends the mundane boundaries and definitions of genre. Good on WordPress for picking it up as a ‘Freshly […]

BBC News – Google enters digital books war with launch of Editions

By Maggie Shiels Technology reporter, BBC News, Silicon Valley Amazon’s Kindle is currently a market leader. Google is set to launch its own online e-book store in 2010. Google Editions books will not be tied to a specific device, unlike rival e-book company Amazon. The Amazon Kindle is linked to books from the company’s own […]

Another one bites the dust – this time it’s digital

The future of Dirck Halstead’s ‘The Digital Journalist’ is threatened, and the December issue looks to be the last for a while. I have quoted from this resource a number of times previously, usually finding at least one powerful, thought-provoking idea in each issue. Yes, last month’s editorial piece which decried the continued investment in […]

Tools for ‘the rich soil of life’

The Globe And Mail, Saturday April 14th, 2007 On March 28th, 2007, at 3 pm, I was sitting in the Visitors’ Gallery of the House of Commons, I and forty-nine other artists from across Canada, fifty in all, and I got to thinking about stillness. To read a book, one must be still. To watch […]


ⓒ Ian Teh/Panos Pictures We seem to be awash in an ever-present pining for the glory days, when pictures had a moral authority and weight, and when lots and lots and lots of photographers were able to make a living shooting socially concerned black and white documentary work. Unfortunately, those days are gone.  The economics […]

Another media agency folds

The worldwide economic recession, combined with the turbulence in media and photographic markets, continues to take its toll. I must confess I felt quite teary this morning when I received this notification from Grazia Neri Agency, one of Africa Media Online’s European representatives: After 42 years of excellence and integrity in the world of italian […]

PARK(ing) DAY 2009

‘A bit inclement to be alfresco?’ comments Bill Curry in passing. Perhaps, but here in Cape Town we (Tyke, Bradley, Kenneth and I) are joining others around the world in celebrating what public space could become, and how an entire community could share and benefit from the space that one single parked car takes up. www.parkingday.org […]


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Twenty Ten fans

via africamediaonline.com Another great image from Twenty Ten – this by Simone Scholtz is related to a inspiring portrait story about the transformation of ordinary people into fans. Posted via web from Dominique’s posterous

One for all my media friends…

See www.biketownafrica.org: BikeTown Africa 2009 gears up in South Africa this weekend, with volunteers jetting in from around the world to spend their days assembling the Kona AfricaBikes in Orange Farm township, and enjoying their evenings in Soweto. These bicycles will be donated to healthcare workers across South Africa, enabling them to tend to far […]

Impressive digital technology from Africa (free too!)

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“Today’s art must presuppose copying”

Harvard Business Review has some really interesting articles this month (Jul-Aug 09), particularly a Q&A with writer Cory Doctorow that neatly and succinctly summarizes so many of the issues I’m facing as I work to develop the businesses of creative people in this era. Doctorow, of course, is the poster boy for giving his content […]

For brainstorming, for teamwork, for fun

Check out www.wordle.net. A great brand essence tool. My latest find (Thanks Helene Smit!) And be warned: it’s addictive. Posted via email from Dominique’s posterous

Highly Commended

Photographer Koos van der Lende and I were in two minds about entering this image into the BBC Wildlife Photographer of the Year awards. We both absolutely love this image he took of a welwitschia in Namibia, but we knew it broke the conventional rules of photography by including the sun flare. The judges, however, […]

Hello world!

I get to work with some awesome photographers, writers, producers and other artists. My passion is helping them tell their stories. Helping them get their creative work out to the widest audience. Join me on a blogging journey in which I’d like to take you along on our ride, viewing some of the most beautiful […]