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Form celebrates function in great infographics

A page from Nicholas Felton's 'paternal report' on father Gunter

I am so impressed by the storytelling that designer Nicholas Felton has facilitated. His design serves up the facts clearly, simply and in a way that makes us want to dig deeper and to meet the man in question: his dad, Gunter, who passed away last September.

Cliff Kuang, who profiled this ‘annual report’ for Fast Company summarises the content:

The entire sweep of Gunter’s life is here, from his boyhood grades to the places he traveled to the music he listened to. As with any great and true infographic, the beauty is in the details. For example, in an atlas of the places he traveled, you see that Felton’s father saw some of the most remarkable times and places of the last 75 years, ranging from Nazi Germany, which he left in 1939, to Havana during the Cuban Revolution, to Saigon in 1970, to the Trans-Siberian Railway in 1968…

What do I love about it? The restraint: extremely limited use of fonts, almost no photographs, bold simple colours and a total focus on the facts so that we as viewers and readers want more. Our appetites are not sated and we want to invest our own energies into enquiring, our own resources into buying. So often my unconscious impulse is to shield myself from a barrage of information, an assault of aesthetics. Not here.

Truly inspirational storytelling.

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