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Free African Media: A dream to fulfil

Bravo Branko! The guys at The Daily Maverick have launched a 30-day test on an initiative that I believe is really important: Free African Media.
(Why is it, once again, somebody whose heritage is outside of our continent, that shows us how we can truly advance the African cause?)

This is how Daily Maverick editor and Free African Media founder Branko Brcik puts it:

…there’s a confession I have to make, and it is, I believe, a confession that just about every South African editor should make. Let me explain:

Since 1994, South Africa had enjoyed this incredible gift of practically unlimited freedom of expression. So much so, that we took it almost for granted. With the exception of Zimbabwe,  and maybe Swaziland, we limited our reporting on issues of media freedom in Africa. Well, we limited ourselves to reporting, and not very often. And while we were properly outraged by what Mugabe’s regime did to his own people and Zimbabwean media, and some of us are also very unhappy about the increasing suppression of dissent in Swaziland, the troubles the rest of African media were going through were mostly reported as a fact only. Not much outrage, not much action.

But as Bob Dylan said long ago, “The times they are a ‘changin”. And the South African media has finally heard the wake-up alarm.

Read his full piece: Free African Media :: Free African Media: A dream we should all work to fulfil.

Colleague Sipho Hlongwane says “The media truly is its own worst enemy.” Read his comments.

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