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The Client:

Michael Poliza is an acclaimed German wildlife, nature and travel photographer whose books on Africa and the Polar regions have found extensive international audiences and achieved significant sales successes.

The Need:

While working for the photographer during the planning, shooting and production of this book, Dominique le Roux would joking refer to herself as “Michael Poliza in drag.” Poliza set off by helicopter on an expedition from his childhood home in Hamburg, Germany, to cross Africa at relatively low altitudes and to photograph both urban and remote locations of the continent from the air. He needed somebody to manage his existing photography business in his absence as well as all media and communications related to the event, and to act on his behalf in the selection of images and the liaison with German publisher teNeues.

A key need that arose was the information for a short caption for each of the hundreds of images, citing location and context. Dominique researched and wrote each, as well as further biographical and contextual information on the photographer.

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