Publishing Advice

‘Help! I’ve got a book in me.’

Who hasn’t heard that line a bunch of times? I can talk you through your options, from self-publishing (ugh!) to seeking a traditional publisher (which does still have its merits from time to time), to publishing independently (tailor-made options, but they don’t come cheap). From there, you’re free to head off boldly on your own, or we can talk about the other services I offer.

Media Management

So you’ve decided you’re going the indie route: you’re going to publish independently. Whether you just need an editor or a designer, or the entire production crew, I can help you source the experts you need, and manage this team as they work to help you originate, refine, publish and market your book, magazine or website.


I don’t teach authors how to write, or photographers how to take pics, but I am passionate about helping them learn how the various media industries do and don’t function. From training courses on publishing for wannabe authors, to entrepreneurship courses for photographers, to media management training for organizations, I’ve worked with literally hundreds of creatives to help them tell their stories.