I don’t teach authors how to write.

Or photographers how to take pics. But I am passionate about helping them learn how the various media industries do and don’t function. From training courses on publishing for wannabe authors, to entrepreneurship courses for photographers, to media management training for organizations, I’ve worked with literally hundreds of creatives to help them tell their stories.


Help! I’ve got a book in me: the Intro Session

Do you have a special story or gift of knowledge to share?
Perhaps you’ve been somewhere amazing or done something incredible…
Perhaps your life has brought you experiences from which others can learn…
Maybe your wild imagination has conjured a fantasy that would entertain and delight…
You might have written it all down already, or perhaps you’re still wondering whether it’s even worth it.

What to do next?
How do you send your manuscript or idea to a publisher? (And, if so, which one?)
What can you expect from them?
What are your self-publishing options?
What’s this business of independent publishing?

Actually, hang on… what’s the business of this whole thing altogether? Is there money? What’s in it for whom?

Let’s map out your options as an aspirant author.

You’ll find out:
• The pros and cons of traditional vs independent publishing
• How to pitch your book to a publisher
• How to create and sell an ebook (and where Apple, Amazon and Kindle fit into the whole story)
• What really sells
• How others like you have done it.



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