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The Nonviolent Method For Teaching English (via Avy Around the World)

Great blog! Is this travel writing or social commentary or a letter home? It is literature, I think. It is everything I love about The (New) New(est) Journalism. It is a simple story, told with flair, that transcends the mundane boundaries and definitions of genre. Good on WordPress for picking it up as a ‘Freshly Pressed’ select.

Die is a verb. Shoot, stab, kill: all verbs. I die, but he dies. Yesterday, we all died. Good job, David. David is the kid's English name. He laughs every time I try to pronounce his real name, but he can't say mine, either. And besides, he's the one killing me off on a regular basis. At first it was “teacher die.” After weeks of hard work, though, he's grasped that teacher dies. The 's,' David, remember the s! Recently he's gone so far as to exp … Read More

via Avy Around the World

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